Early designs at my first craft show in Bisbee, Az. I was blown away by the community's response to Potty Plants! Bisbee is saturated with artists so I was honored to have such a busy booth. 

Follow   Your  Dreams

May you all find time to listen to your hearts and follow your dreams. Life is too short to live without cool things like Potty Plants, so keep looking up for inspiration!

When life gives you plungers... 

make Potty Plants!

       About the Artist

Hi, I'm Stacy!

Dazeoff Designs LLC came to life when I suddenly got sent home indefinitely while working as a nurse for the Army in Southern Arizona. While having some "days off," I liked to "daze off" while thinking creatively. My brother Brian lovingly noted this, so when it came time to choose a company name, I reflected on my unexpected vacation and how it freed my artistic mind to wander.

I like solving problems and I love decorating most anything I can get my hands on so I felt challenged to figure out a way to keep my toilet plunger in the bathroom, without looking so horrible. That's when Potty Plants came to life! Since then, I've had so much fun designing different styles to make the world more beautiful! All the nurses went back to work, but I still couldn't wait to get home to my bathroom! 

Toilet plungers are everywhere, just sitting exposed next to the toilet like it's ok. Well, it's time they have a beautiful, functional container to hide in. After all, they are our best friends at times, right?

My patent-pending design has grown to cover many items including spare toilet paper rolls, hair accessories, razors, bath toys, all kinds of bathroom clutter, trash, dirty laundry, and more! 

I started selling my plants at craft fairs but since almost everyone has at least one toilet and can identify with its problems, there seemed to be a sudden NEED for Potty Plants and I honestly couldn't make them fast enough. People also wanted extra plants for hiding things in their bedroom, kitchen, office, RV, everywhere!  Since it didn't seem cool to put a "potty" plant in the kitchen or other places outside the bathroom, I created a new line called "Top Secret Plants"​ so you can even send a gift filled with love along with its cool name.  You can hide anything large or small, like paper clips, keys, electric cords, cookies, shoes, batteries, coins, candy, letters, ear buds, you name it! 

So there you have it. Now I just need help making enough for everyone and plan on making that happen so YOU can have your Potty Plants and Top Secret Plants wherever you want them.

Peace & Love,