Children and pets are safer when

bathroom tools are inside a container.

One toilet paper roll goes in the mail box, and spare rolls go in the flower pot!





These fun yet functional containers

beautifully hide tools and more.

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Please check back soon!

Use the included funny mailbox sticker or create your own!

Funny Potty Plants!

What do YOU have to hide?

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tab at top of page for more!

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Perfect for a mini mop & bucket!


Now you can hide millions of items

INSIDE your plants! 

Come have a look in the bathroom.

Let's solve a problem...

POTTY PLANTS bring a new design element to any bathroom. 

​CREATE ensembles with stylish shower curtains and bring your bathroom to life!

DazeOff Designs shower curtains coming soon. A perfect match for your plants!

Keep your items nearby, beautiful,

AND handy in one second!  ​

But wait... there's more!

These plants are versatile.

Use them beyond the bathroom!

Mix or match! 

Using the dowel tool,

you can even hide razors, soaps, bath tissue,

cotton balls, hair accessories, girly products, you name it!